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Archipelago Sailing Simulator is a configurable virtual ocean world where you can freely navigate from one island to another using your sailboat or motor-boat . As the captain you control throttle,  rudder and sails.  You can create your own "world": start by using the menu to create a random terrain and then add boats, buoys and structures (docks, cabins etc...). Then you can get onboard any one of the boats/saiboats,  modify the time of day/wind/wave/fog conditions,  and go on sailing! Great for learning HOW to sail....especially upwind! But if you want to relax you can turn on the autopilot and/or autosail and just take in the view! You can also set up markers to establish a route to follow and even race against the computer-driven boats!  Make your scene as complex as you wish. This is an "open world" so can can freely roam around.  At any time you can save your current situation and reload it later.  If you want to get deep into the nitty-gritty of Archipelago you can add your own models (in OBJ format).

Canadian sailors will be happy to hear I added (since version 1.8) their very famous and beloved schooner: the beautiful BLUENOSE II.  Download the program now and practice your sailing skills!

This program is 100% free and there is no time limit. It will always be free as I am doing this as my retirement hobby :-)

Love to hear your comments under Community!

Just download, decompress, install and run!   (Windows PC's only)

Check my homepage link under "more information"

Also watch this YouTube clip: Archipelago Sailor Simulator

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Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Joystick

Install instructions

Download the APSetup2.0.exe file and run the setup program to install. The setup program will create an icon on your desktop. WINDOWS PC ONLY. All files needed to run the program are included. The program includes a Help page accessible from the menu.

NOTE: if you are having trouble running the APSetup executable due to Windows permissions problems, I included here also APSetup2.0.zip that you can simply download and UNZIP anywhere to your hard drive (wherever you have permissions to read and write files); then you can just run the Archipelago.bat BATCH file manually and/or create a shortcut to your desktop.

If you want you can also download a "situation example". In the ZIP file there is a ReadMe text file with additional instructions... if you need them. It is a fairly complete example with multiple boats racing a pre-programmed Route that you can modify (of course!). Sailboats are using autopilot and autosail.

This latest 2.0 version includes many improvements including TRUE ocean and objects reflections and lots more! You can see what changed under the Help menu once you install it and run it.

Please relax and have fun with Archipelago Sailing Simulator!

More help about Archipelago in my web page: Archipelago Sailor Simulator


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